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Why “wind”? Because a trend resembles a wind: it has both direction and strength. A trend is a trader’s friend, so it’s important to know the trend’s direction and strength. Our Solar Wind indicator interprets all of these for you, making trend trading simple!

Solar Wind is a complete trend-trading indicator. researched hard to develop Solar Wind as an indicator that is purely based on ninZaATR and price action, totally not using any moving averages or smoothing in order to minimize lags.

This spectacular indicator has 2 visual plots of the best values for a trend trader, both of which are ninZaATR-based distances from the reference price:

  • Trend Vector: A vector provides both direction and amplitude information. Similarly, our trend vector not only tells the trend direction (uptrend or downtrend) but also the trend strength (strong or weak). It’s easy to read the trend heat!
  • Trailing Stop: This plot is reserved for trailing-stop attachment purpose. You just need to attach your stop to this plot and automatically ride a massive & lasting trend to the very end. This helps you be immune from harmful emotions that often kick you out of a great trend so soon.