MDV Opening Range

MDV Opening Range


MDV Opening Range is a ninjaTrader 8 indicator that builds and displays a time based price range as well as tracks and displays the open price level.

Sold By: MDV Software Solutions


This is a must have indicator for every day traders toolbox.

The MDV Opening Range indicator for NinjaTrader 8 is a completely customizable indicator that builds and visually displays a time based price range as well as marks and tracks each daily open.

Just set the range start time and range end time to build your price range.

At the end of the day  (adjustable through range display end time) the indicator will mark the time with a vertical dashed red line.

Use this indicator to analyze daily price movements, market sentiment prior to open or the volatile trading period during the first minutes or hours of the trading session.

Visually useful to capture range breakouts, targets, or even range limit reversals.


Pair this tool with the MDV EASY TRADER indicator and GET AN EDGE ON THE MARKET !


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